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we've had two saabs & they are complete junk!Constantly breaking down.

Saab usa is horrible. They could care less if a customer is dissatisfied. We were not notified on recalls. The dealership in Hagerstown, MD is horrible.

Great customer service but lousey repair shop. We even question if they were even doing the work that we were paying them for. Two incidents told us that they were not! The dealership in Harrisburg, PA was no better.

Again, do yourself a big favor and don't buy a Saab car.It will nickel & dime you in repairs & You'll regret it!

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Had owned a Saab 95 and two months after the warranty expried the turbos blew up.The car has always been serviced in a dealership.

With the amount ($1200.00) that I paid for the last service at 60,000 miles they should have seen something. They refuse to honor anything and that it was not a manufacturing defect. To fix the car left me $3500.00 out of pocket.

old the car soon after.Never again will I buy a SAAB car.

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