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Seat heater burned a hole through the seat.GM Saab says "Too bad".

Cannot trade the car until it is fixed. Am I supposed to take the seat out, pull the bottom cover off, buy a new one, replace the seat heater and then the cover. Replace the seat in the car and continue to say how wonderful the Saab is. I think Saab knows about this problem.

I have seen hundreds of posts on the same problem with a wide range of years. All have exactly the same problem, in the same seat, in the same location.

What if the entire car had burned.Wait....that would have been the best solution in retrospect.

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I bought a brand new SAAB with anti-lock brakes in 1991 and in 1998 I discovered that the car did not have anti-lock brakes at all and the VIN did not match the bill of sale or the title .I never bought another SAAB again.

The Dealer was Guilford Subaru-Saab in Connecticut.

Subaru took away the dealership then a few years later they went out of business.

I hope GM can help you.It stinks when the dealership rips you off and it stinks when the manufacturer doesn't help out.


Try contacting GM customer service at the corporate level and filing a complaint with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. They are the ones that can issue a recall. They will investigate and if there is a fire hazard that should and will result in a recall.

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"I have seen hundreds of posts on the same problem with a wide range of years"......and yet you bought this gem?

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